BBQ Ribs: the best way to cook it

BBQ ribs can be the best food in the world. They provide you
with energy, and enjoyment! While there are many ways to make BBQ ribs, I will
mainly focus on how to make BBQ ribs using a gas grill here.




Prepare the rack


First of all, you need to do basic trimming. Of course, it
will be perfect if you can find a rack of ribs with a square shape. Having an
even thickness throughout will also be good. But all this depends on your luck.
If this is not what you get, you will need to do the trimming.




Also, cut off the excess scraps or excessive fat off from
the rack. Fats are not what we want because we are not cooking in on the
smoker, but on a gas grill.




Rub the ribs


The second step is to apply the rub. What is so important
about this step? IF you evenly rub the meat, it will add flavor while not
overpowering the meat. You can just let the excess rub fall away while apply a
large volume of rub on the BBQ.




You should not rub the BBQ too soon before you actually cook
it, or else it will adversely affect the texture of the BBQ, and give it a
ham-like flavor.




Make some smoke


Then, you need to make proper smoke on the gas grill. This
can be challenging since you are cooking the rib at a low temperature. You can
try this by throwing several smoke bombs.




All you need to do is to place around half a cup of dump
wood on a piece of foil. You also need to wrap the wood so one side has a
single layer of foil. Poke several holes on it. You can then place the smoke
bombs beneath the cooking gate. Try to put it closer to the burner. Once you
can see smoke rising out of the smoke bombs, turn the heat down and we can




Place the ribs on the 


The next step is to place the rib on the rill. This is
important since we need indirect heat in order to prevent overcooking. Put the
ribs at the back of the grill will work. After 30 minutes, apply apple juice on
the rib and then wrap it tightly in foil.




Then, grill it for another 30 minutes, and it will be done.
Unwrap the rib and finally, put BBQ sauce on the rib and you can then enjoy the
BBQ rib—one of the best food in the world.


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