Enjoy making bbq meatballs using the following tips

Barbecue meatballs are an excellent combination of juicy meatiness in addition to a balanced blend of spices that are absolutes to make any water out of the mouth. By discovering how to make barbecue meatballs using this recipe, you can be setting yourself up to be the star chef of any celebration or event.

Why bbq meatballs?

These barbecue meatballs can be used in a great diversity of delicious pasta sauces on top of a bed of spaghetti or set between 2 slices of sourdough bread for a sub meatball, not like any you have had. Country sauces, as well as mashed potatoes, are also an excellent match for bbq meatballs. You will find some opportunities you can try. However, it all starts with making the first barbecue meatballs!

Look for the ingredients.

You need to make sure you achieve a uniform distribution of the ingredients so that the flavors in the meatball are consistent and balanced. Also, you can take this opportunity to include in any other seasoning that you can decide on like salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne, or some other seasoning you feel would make barbecue meatballs even better.

Prepare the ingredients

As soon as all the ingredients are blended, shape the meat mixture into pellets using your hand roughly size. With this size, you may be able to make about 18 barbecue meatballs. Use a slight pressure when creating the barbecue meatballs; otherwise, they may become too tight and compressed when cooked.

Heat the oil

Once the oil ready, start adding bbq meatballs in the pan. You have to leave enough space between the barbecue meatballs to make sure you will not have any problems flipping around. You need to continually ensure that all sides of the BBQ meatballs are cooked equally by turning them every minute or so. The regular time taken for a meatball to cook thoroughly is 6-7 minutes.


Once your bbq meatballs are cooked, there are a lot of methods that can be included in your meal. You can easily stifle in a delicious spaghetti sauce over some freshly made noodles or stack them next to a plate stuffed with mashed potatoes and corn, all covered in a country sauce. But do not let this be the end of your list of ideas. We have tried our best to demonstrate how to make meatballs that are tasty and juicy, however, it is your desire to make the decision on how you want to use them.

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