Host a Perfect Barbeque Party

The most popular event normally happens in your backyard. It’s called, the bbq day. The weekends is usually the best time to gather friends and family for a bbq party. It is when you can catch up with them and even get the kids playing with their friends or cousins.



But what to put in the grill when you are hosting this event? Normally, you can have burgers but if you want to make it more tasty and memorable, you can go for the grilled steak this time. You will need to have some good meat so it will be perfect for grilling. Then marinade it the night before so it will be more flavorful once you set it off the grill.



Where to find a good meat?



You can always find it from the meat section of your local supermarket. But if you really want a nice cut, go to a local butcher in your area. It is already cut into the pieces that is required for whichever you want to use it. This time of course, choose the cut like with pork chops or beef steaks. It’s up to you which particular meat you would like to prepare. But it is better to choose pork because it’s more affordable than beef and it is easier to cook compared to beef which will take sometime to be tender especially if you want your bbq to be prepared on dinner time. A rib-eye steak will be perfect for grilling so you can have it tender and juicy when it is time to feast.



How long it takes to grill a BBQ steak?



Basically, it depends on how do you want your steak. For rare, you can grill it for 3 minutes on each side. For medium, you can do 5 minutes per side so it will have extra minutes on heat. If you like it well done for the kids especially, make it 8 minutes on each side so that it will cook the insides of the meat. Make sure to have the slices not too thick so you will not end up not having a rare steak if you want yours well done.



Charcoal or wood?



You can always have charcoal to use for your bbqs. It’s best because you don’t have to worry too much about starting it up. If you will use wood, it may produce too much heat and it will result to a burnt steak instead of having it perfect for your party. Unless you are a professional griller. Just stick to the charcoal as you can easily take control it than other options. Charcoal is still best to use as it will give your steak a better smokey taste than with an electric griller.



Additional tips



Refrigerate your meat before grilling. It will help you have it even cooked as the cold part will not easily get burned. It is also better to just put salt and pepper for the meat slices so you can enjoy a tasty grilled steak than to put a lot of flavorings on it. Lastly, enjoy your BBQ and leave it for a few minutes so the juices will come out and the meat will be more tender before serving.


Finally, after completing the above steps, the only thing left is to add one or two finishing touches on the bbq smoker.


You can easily add a wooden handle on the bbq smoker so it can be easily moved around. Also, you paint the body of the drum to prevent it from rusting.


There you go! Your barrel drum bbq smoker is ready for use.


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