Salmon is the common name given to several species of
ray-finned fish such as trout, whitefish or char. Salmon is one of the commonly
eaten fish either at home, restaurants and also at parties. Salmon can be
cooked in different ways such as frying or grilling. Most people prefer
grilling salmon for it gives non-oily and
tasty results.


How To Bbq Salmon.


Grilling salmon is very easy. There are three steps to
follow when grilling salmon and if you follow the steps carefully and to the
latter, the process becomes much easier. Choose only the best recipe to grill
your salmon. Plan on six ounces of salmon to be consumed by each person and
grill all the fillets separately. You can also choose to grill a whole side of
skin-on salmon all at once.


You can add anything you want on your salmon. You can add
spice rubs, sauces or glazes to make your grilled salmon more tasty, spicy and


Ingredients To Use When Barbecuing Salmon.

  • Salmon fillets. Cut about six ounces of salmon
    per person.
  • Fine sea salt.
  • Vegetable oil or canola oil.
  • Freshly ground pepper.


  • Lemon wedges.


Steps to Follow When Barbecuing Salmon.


Step one.


Heat the grill, either gas or charcoal grill, to a
medium-high heat. Hold your hand about one inch over the grill for three to
four minutes to test the heat. A well-heated
grill should keep the cooking fish from sticking excessively while it gently
cooks the fish without setting it to flames.


Step two.


While the grill is heating, prepare the salmon fillets. Wash
and rinse them carefully and thoroughly and then pat them until completely dry.
You can use tweezers to remove pin bones if you feel to or if you have
particular and special guests dining at your table. If you don’t see any pin bones, run your fingers down the seam of
the fillet to feel them and then remove them. Brush the salmon’s skin with
vegetable or canola oil. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides to season.


Step three.


Brush the cooking grates on the grill with oil. Place the
salmon fillets skin side down on the grill and then cover the fillets. Cook the
fillet undisturbed until the salmon starts
to release its fat and when the flesh can flake easily. Ten to fifteen minutes
are enough to barbecue one inch thick fillets.


Step four.


Use a clean spatula to remove the cooked salmon from the
grill and serve them immediately with fresh lemon wedges or any other garnish
that please your eyes. Fresh herbs can also be used.


Enjoy the barbecued
salmon with your family, friends or guests. The dish is healthy and it can be
eaten by children, adults and even the elderly.


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