Simple Steps In Building A Bbq Smoker

One of the ways you can use to add more flavour to your barbeque is by cooking it in a smoker. Making use of a smoker gives your bbq a nice smokey flavour and aroma.


There at different types, styles and sizes of smokers used for bbq purposes, however, most commercial smokers being sold can be quite expensive. So, in this article, our focus will be on how you can build a bbq smoker on your own without spending so much.


How to build a bbq smoker in 5 simple steps


Although there are different types of bbq smokers such as the barrel drum bbq smoker, wood pallets bbq smoker, concrete made bbq smoker, and lots more. But for the essence of this post, we will be looking at only one of them, and that is the barrel drum bbq smoker.


Barrel Drum Bbq Smoker


This is a very common type of bbq smoker used in many homes for bbq. Below are the following steps in building a barrel drum bbq smoker:


Step 1


To build a barrel drum bbq smoker, the first thing you need to do is to look for a gallon drum made of metal. Then empty the content of the drum and cut out the opening on the side with either a grinder or any other suitable type of equipment.


Step 2


After cutting out the opening, the next you’ll have to do is find a stand that is exactly or almost exactly the length of the drum.


After doing this, then place the drum on the stand with the cut out portion facing upwards


Step 3


Attach the lid removed from the drum back on it with bolt and screw at each end. After doing that, place the grill which will be used inside the opened portion of the drum and attach it with brackets and hinges on the body of the drum. This will prevent the lid of the drum from falling inside.


Step 4


After completing step 3, the next thing you’ll have to do is burn out the inside of the drum with fire. The essence of doing this is to remove any kind of coatings, oil, fuel or paint that may be inside the drum.


Doing this is necessary so as to completely remove anything that may be harmful when ingested from the inside of the drum.


Step 5

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